Saturday, 8 January 2011

At the start of the tenth year since 9.11 and the invasion of Afghanistan, the world looks much more dangerous and volatile. For all the talk of draw-down and political solutions in Afghanistan, the fighting is fiercer than ever. Last year saw the highest death rate for US, British soldiers, and for Afghan civilians, since the war began.
There is no realistic political solution in sight. The US is threatening another escalation of its attacks on Pakistan border areas, which have become an obsession in Washington.
There is a real danger of a new war in the Middle East. Israel has made a mockery of the peace process and is setting Iran and an unstable Lebanon in its sights.
Wikileaks revealed that many pro-western regimes are also lobbying for an attack on Iran. Widepread reports of an arms race in the region add to the sense of foreboding.
For all these reasons the anti war movement will be as active as ever this year. Here are some of the important upcoming events:

* SOMETIME BETWEEN JANUARY 18 AND FEB 7: BLAIR RETURNS TO THE CHILCOT INQUIRY Stop the War is organising protests, street theatre and media briefings along with Rose Gentle and others who lost family members due to Tony Blair’s rush to war.Look out for announcement of the date and contact the office if you can help.

* FEBRUARY 7TH: A PUBLIC RALLY IN SUPPORT OF WIKILEAKS.As Julian Assange goes back to court, Tariq Ali, Joe Glenton, John Rees and others speak out to defend the Wikileaks exposures.7pm, Monday February 7th, Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL

* SATURDAY MARCH 12TH: CONFRONTING ANTI- MUSLIM HATRED CONFERENCE WITH SPEAKERS FROM BRITAIN, EUROPE AND THE US. Stop the War is working with a range of organisations in the Enough Coalition to host this crucial conference.Speakers include Tariq Ramadam, Robert Lambert, Mehdi Hassan, Salma Yaqoob,Peter Oborne, Lindsey German and leading Muslim and anti racist activists from France, Germany, Scandinavia and the USA.10 –5pm March 12th, London Muslim Centre, 92 Whitechapel Road, E1 1JX.

As the tenth anniversary of 9.11 and the war in Afghanistan approaches , Stop the War is organising a day event to assess the damage done by the War on Terror, the impact of challenges to US global power and the likelihood of further wars.The conference will also be a chance to discuss the strategy for the movement.

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