Monday, 23 August 2010

Support the Convoy-VIVA PALESTINA 5

Support for Palestinians and the convoy taking medical supplies to Gaza
The Israeli attack on Gaza in January 2009 killed 1400 people including over 400 children, and left thousands injured, many permanently disabled. Since that time, Israel has blockaded aid to Gaza. Many essential medical supplies are blocked from entering Gaza by Israeli soldiers, both on land and at sea. No building supplies have been allowed in, so many people are still living in the rubble of their bomb destroyed homes. Sewage systems, schools and medical facilities cannot be repaired. Palestinians in Gaza are often not allowed to leave and this has resulted in the death of many people who need to receive medical treatment.
Our government has failed to put pressure on Israel to end the blockade, and the EU still provides Israel with very favourable trade agreements, which are denied to the Palestinians. People around the world have been inspired to take action themselves to end the crisis and to help Palestinian people to achieve human rights. There have been a number of land convoys, as well as the recent Gaza flotilla which was attacked by Israeli soldiers and resulted in the death of 11 activists. The overwhelming response to Israel’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla has forced governments to highlight this issue and call for an end to the siege. David Cameron has now said that Gaza is a prison, and that the siege of Gaza should end.
The next international convoy to take essential supplies to Gaza and try to break the siege, leaves on 18th September.
The Chesterfield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, which is part of the Chesterfield Stop the War group, is fundraising to buy essential medical supplies such as x-ray film for mammograms, for the convoy to take to Gaza.
But the siege of Gaza is only part of the problem for Palestinian people. The Israeli occupation of the West Bank and the continuation of the building of illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, mean that Palestinians are being forced out of their homes and land. They are denied the right to freedom of movement, and their agriculture and economy is being destroyed. The Israeli government is carrying out a systematic policy of ‘ethnic cleansing’.
The Chesterfield Palestine Solidarity Campaign is also campaigning to support the international boycott of Israeli goods. This includes not buying things like avocados, peppers and dates grown in Israel, some of it grown on illegally occupied Palestinian land on the West Bank. This is not just to end the siege of Gaza, but to support Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank in their struggle against the occupation by Israel and for justice – for the right to work, to decent food and clean water, to education, to health, to visit to see family and friends, and to travel.
Fundraising activities to support the convoy
Monday 30th August – a sale of second hand goods at Chesterfield market
Friday 10th September – Palestinian meal 7.00 p.m. at the AfricanCaribbean Association, 10, Ashgate Road, £10.00 per person
Thursday 16th September – complementary therapies e.g. reflexology,Indian head massage etc. at the bargain price of £10.00 per session, phone 07961553571 for details/booking.
Sunday 19th September – 11.00 a.m. sponsored walk starting at Holymoorside
Thursday 23rd September - complementary therapies e.g. reflexology ,Indian head massage at the bargain price of £10.00 per session, phone 07961553571 for details /Booking.
If you would like to make a donation to support medical aid to Gaza
Cheques should be made payable to:
(Please include a contact address with the cheques so we can acknowledge the donation)
Send to: Chesterfield Stop the War,
356a Ashgate Road,
Chesterfield S40 4BW

If you would like more information about any of the fundraising events, the convoy to Gaza or the boycott of Israeli goods, or you would like to support the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, please email
or look on the Chesterfield Stop the War blog site on: chesterfieldstopthewar

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